We are providing services related to:

  • Study on Business Environment and solution for promotion
  • Business Match-making Design and Facilitation
  • Business Networking Events Design and Implementation
  • Social Marketing and Communication

To support the business sector in its efforts to achieve export growth.

To develop contact with buyers and supplier.

To identify business partners for client exporters.

To advise client exporters on appropriate market entry strategies for specific markets.

To strengthen the relationship with client companies in order to encourage and support their commitment to export growth.

To prepare briefing material for government and senior management on market related issues.

To develop a relationship with professional advisors.

To manage trade fairs and other group promotional activities.

To help exporters establish distribution in a specific market.

To undertake market research assignments.

To set up business missions for exporters.

To manage a trade office, including budgets and staff.

To engage in representational activities.