Business Name: PAT International Joint Stock Company

  • Head Office Address: 1A/Q20, No 134 Nguyen An Ninh Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Representative Office:  145/12, Phan Dinh Giot, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Phone Number: 84 – 24 32151184
  • Website Address:
  • Director: Nguyen Thanh Thuy
  • Business license No: 0106417280


Founded in February, 2015, PAT International JSC has quickly established a foothold in the market. Starting with consulting projects as a sub-contractor to both domestic and international companies in large ODA or green-field investment projects, PAT has been building up a greater partner network, strengthening its human resources and financial capacity in addition to systematic operational procedures. We are now ready to bid and provide social and environmental consulting services as well as trade promotion activities.


In English, PAT means a soft, proper tap at the right time. It comes from the abbreviation of the three founding members’ names, and also carries a key message that PAT would love to always remind its clients and partners of, that PAT’s participation and support will be an opportune impact to every project.

“Failures produce experience; success comes from efforts” is our heart philosophy, with that PAT has brought to the clients innovative products focussing on the efficiency of each project. Breakthrough thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy, Golden Circles in Management and Operation, Canvas Business Model… have become part of our everyday tools and significantly contributed to forming an unique style of PAT JSC.

Learnt from the Japanese business culture, we PATers share the same consistent values beyond the slogan “Loyal to company, sincere to colleagues”. PATers believe that strength reinforces and profits grow when we are really together driving towards the same goals.


To be in the top 3 Social – Environmental Consulting Companies by 2020.


To contribute to the development of a prosperous community in each project, plant and enterprise with every investor.


International experience and knowledge of the leaders and senior advisors associated with expertise of key specialists.

Reputation and satisfaction of clients and partners.

The motivated creativity and perseverance of each individual and the persistence and diligence of the organization.

Affection and attachment among the company members.


Scope of registered services by the company includes:


Conducting social and environmental surveys, community consultation; community based events.

Preparation and monitoring of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP); Ethnics Minority Development Plan (EMDP); Livelihood restoration Plan.

Preparation and implementation of livelihood restoration program (Trung Son hydropower project and Nui Phao mining project as outstanding examples) applied for project affected communities focusing on rural, mountainous and coastal areas.

Preparation and implementation of capacity building program for community development including rasing awareness change of behaviors and skill upgrading.



Conduct environmental investigation and survey.

Preparation of environmental impact/risk assessment (EIA), environmental management plan; monitoring on environmental compliance.

Preparation and implementation capacity building program on environmental protection, climate change adapting and adjustment, sustainable usage and management of natural resources.

Conducting trainings course for raising awareness of community on environmental protection.



Support business units in the region to achieve export growth. Introduce foreign partners to exporters.

Advise exporters on the appropriate marketing strategies for specific markets.

Strengthen relationship with client companies, to encourage and support their commitment to export growth.

Organizing trade fairs and other promotional activities. Assists exporters to set up distribution systems in a specific market. Improve the relationship between buyers and suppliers.

Perform market research tasks. Commercial office management, engaged in commercial representation activities.